Xbox Series X VR Teased By Console Error Message

As reported in the pages of IGN Italy it seems that Microsoft is working on a VR headset dedicated to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The indiscretion of Xbox Series X VR arises following the discovery of the presence of a hidden message within the latest update dedicated to the Xbox Series X and Series S operating system, which refers to a virtual reality headset dedicated to the new generation consoles of the Redmond house.

An image, shown in the article cited in the source, taken by the IGN colleague, shows a warning that appeared on the screen following the first installation of the Xbox Wireless Headset. Well, a clear reference has appeared to what appears to be a Microsoft project, in a future key, for the support of Virtual Reality on Series X/S.

After inserting the USB connector of the headset into the console, the message from the operating system informed the user that “The VR headset needs to be updated.” It seems we can exclude the possibility of a message written by mistake, since the reference to a headset dedicated to virtual reality is then repeated in the next message, as well as in the button to start the update of the machine: “An update for the VR headset is available” and “update [the] VR headset.”

While waiting for Microsoft to express itself on the subject, we remind you that among the pages of the catalog of the Xbox Games Pass subscription service there is not only Outriders coming, but also a particularly interesting indie incoming! We have also known for a few days which Bethesda games will enjoy the FPS boost on the new Microsft consoles.

Finally, new rumors have been circulating for a few hours according to which Godfall could soon arrive also on Xbox Series X/S.