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Xbox Series X Official Pre-Order Page on the Microsoft Store Live Now

It has already been made clear by Microsoft that the release of Xbox Series X will take place at the end of this year. The Redmond company has not revealed all the details about the console, since it is necessary to know its games, its price and information about its distribution.

However, we recently learned that the production of the system has already started and that Microsoft is targeting several priority countries to launch it. Now, the company has already given access to the official Xbox Series X pre-order page in several countries.


Before you get excited, we would like you to know that, for now, the site does not give information about the console’s release date or its price. However, it highlights all the technology it will offer. The official pre-order site is active in several countries in America and Europe. It indicates that the new console of Microsoft will be available soon. However, at the moment the pre-order of the console is not yet active.

The page mentions that Xbox Series X is the fastest and most powerful console Microsoft has made so far. Also, it is reaffirmed that it will arrive at the end of this year. The site mentions a 2020 fall/winter launch window. Microsoft highlights Xbox Velocity Architecture technology that will make games from past generations look and run better on Xbox Series X. This includes titles from Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox.

It is worth mentioning that this feature will offer better boot and load times, greater frame rate stability, higher resolution, and optimized quality. The page also talks about the technical potential of the system and its control.


Finally, they highlight elements such as its cooling system and external storage expansion cards, which will have a performance similar to that of the custom SSD that will be used internally by Xbox Series X.

Recall that Xbox Series X will be available this Holiday 2020.