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Xbox Series X Heating Problem Denied by Journalist

In just over a month the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will arrive on the market and if on the one hand, Microsoft has made known many details regarding the hardware and software equipment of its two new next-gen platforms, very little has been said in the context of the heating problems that the consoles reach and are able to dissipate under stress during use.

And talking about the temperatures of Xbox Series X yesterday, rumors were reported that the new Microsoft console heats up in a worrying way after a few hours.


In fact, as shown by the insider Gamer_boo, Xbox Series X has heating problems as the console would tend to go into thermal protection after a few hours of use, due to insufficient ventilation. This rumor was not demonstrated in the video by the insider so it continues to be the subject of speculation today, also considering the failure to report this criticality by the other bloggers who have received the new console from Microsoft.

And, among them, there is also the well-known blogger of The Verge, Tom Warren. Even under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), Warren wanted to have his say on this hypothetical problem through a post on Twitter that we have reported at the bottom of the article.

The blogger said, while not being able to go too far under the confidentiality agreement, that Microsoft would never have shipped over 100 units of the Xbox Series X if there were any problems with overheating, as they would not allow people to touch it at all.


It would therefore seem that the criticality detected by Gamer_boo, assuming that it is not a fake news, is attributable to a coincidence that does not also concern the units available to other journalists and YouTubers. At this point, all that remains is to wait until November 10th to find out, once and for all, if these anomalies are actually real.