Xbox Series X Makes “Zero” Noise But Heats Up, According to a Report

The first reports are coming from those who are trying out the Xbox Series X and saying that how the console heats up.

According to the Twitch channel LeStream, which received an Xbox Series X console a month earlier than launch, there is some overheating issue with the new console of Microsoft. On the ResetEra forum, there are some testimonies on how Xbox Series X heats up, although the new console of Microsoft makes “zero” noise. It seems that everything points to a characteristic of the console by design and not a real problem capable of causing difficulties in the user experience.

“I don’t know if we can talk about this but, we have the Series X here and the Series X is hot, it is hot. It makes 0 noise but on the other hand it gives off heat, it’s violent. I mean it’s violent… yeah, yeah it’s violent. You can warm up thanks to the Series X, clearly. From a sound point of view it’s good but from a heat point of view, it’s something,” can be read on the forum.

On ResetEra there are those who observe that this is a typical feature of gaming PCs with similarly high-level specifications, and that in reality there is nothing to worry about. Others point out how Jeff Bakalar, host of the Beatcast podcast who also had the chance to try the console in advance, even got burned by touching the console’s expansion card.

Ventilation was certainly a major concern when it came to building next-generation hardware, on both sides. In particular, Microsoft has proposed a vertical solution precisely to facilitate the outflow of air through the particular “net” placed on the top of the Xbox Series X, and a ring positioned on the bottom to keep the console separated from the chosen surfaces just enough to output airflow better.

For the moment, let’s collect the good news coming on the subject of release, as both Xbox Series X/S and PS5 will be available in the month of November.