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Xbox Series X Looks Like A Tiny CPU Compared To A Fridge

While Sony shies away from revealing details about their next-generation console, Microsoft is showing off their Xbox Series X console for quite some time now, while we know some of the specs that the Xbox console is going to have, we’ve just received an update as to how big the new console will be.

Xbox’s twitter channel posted a funny picture on the internet of their console and its dimension in comparison with a refrigerator. The comparisons do not end there, the upcoming console looks identical to the fridge in aspect to its shape and color.

xbox series x dimensions

Both feature a black color which pops out and gives it a sort of futuristic look, the dimensions of the Xbox console are as follows:

301mm x 151 mm, the height of the console is modest at 301mm which is roughly 30 cm and the breadth and width of the console is 151 mm which converts to about 15 centimeters.

The entire world has been under quarantine due to the Coronavirus outbreak which has delayed and or canceled events like E3 where we could’ve gotten more information about the console.

The entire pressure is now on Sony as their delay is causing unrest in people who wish to buy the next-gen PlayStation.

The sales of both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will certainly be affected and won’t be available to everyone at launch. Both companies are taking measures in figuring out how to successfully release a console by the end of this year with a Pandemic outbreak.

We will keep updating you with more news about the next generation of consoles as soon as more details are made available until then check out other news