Xbox Series X Is ‘Better Engineered’ Compared to PS5, Albert Penello Claims

Amazon’s Albert Penello commented on the hardware of the two next-generation consoles of Xbox Series X and PS5 via Twitter. As the corresponding PS5 teardown video would have shown, the hardware of the new Microsoft console was simply ‘better engineered.’

After Microsoft went into detail on the inner workings of the Xbox Series X a while ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment followed suit this week. The Japanese company released a several-minute teardown video that gave us a look at the inner hardwares of the PlayStation 5.

The rather large heat sink, which is intended to ensure that the PlayStation 5 is also adequately cooled during operation, caused a lot of discussions. After the PS5 teardown video was published, Albert Penello, Senior Manager for Product Management at Amazon, spoke on Twitter about Xbox Series X.

Penello, who worked at Microsoft for 18 years, particularly praised the concept of the Xbox Series X, which shows that Microsoft’s engineers simply did a better job and delivered the more intelligent hardware concept. In his statements, Penello mainly referred to the more powerful hardware and the more compact size of the Xbox Series X.

“Usually when something is more powerful, smaller and quieter there’s a term for that – it’s called ‘better engineered’. Xbox One X was the same way why are people surprised this time?,” said Penello in a tweet, which of course is currently causing a lot of discussion in international gaming forums. We will find out in the next few weeks whether he is right with his statements.

The Xbox Series X will be available from November 10, 2020, for $499. The PlayStation 5 will follow on November 12, 2020. While the classic model will be offered at a price of $499, the digital edition, which does not have an optical drive for reasons of cost, will cost $399.