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PlayStation 5 Teardown Video Shows Cooling System & More

Sony released a video in these last minutes that not only shows the PlayStation 5 console from the outside, rather, but the company also lets you take a look at what’s inside. You can check the PlayStation 5 teardown video at the bottom of this article.


Only a few weeks are left for the launch of the PlayStation 5. And after the new console could be admired from all sides in the past few months, Sony today lets you take a look at the inner workings. In the PlayStation 5 teardown video below, the components are presented by Masayasu Ito, EVP – Hardware Engineering and Operation at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

After about two minutes it becomes clear what has been speculated more and more in recent weeks: the side panels of the PS5 can be removed by the owner without any problems. Ito also explains that the white covers on both sides can be removed by the users themselves. To do this, lift the rear corner and simply slide off the cover.

The interchangeable covers make perfect sense. It can be assumed that there will be optically modified copies in stores that you can use to customize your console.

Ito said it took more than two years to develop the liquid metal cooling mechanism. During the development, all imaginable tests were carried out. The heat sink itself, which you will see in the further course of the video, also makes a quite massive impression.

The video also shows an internal M.2 interface with PCIe 4.0 support. It will help you to expand the memory of the PS5. Below you can watch the complete teardown video of PlayStation 5, some of which are quite technical: