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Xbox Series X/S 1TB Expandable Storage Priced at $220

It will certainly not be cheap to have additional space on Microsoft’s new platforms of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

With games becoming more and more complex and the space occupied on hard drives by both physical and digital titles increasing, the possibility of having enough storage is one of the reasons why one console (or a variant thereof) is preferred over another.


With the imminent arrival of the new next-gen consoles, whose line-ups will be characterized by “heavier” games than those on the market now, the problem of free space available to download games and their updates is more current than ever. This problem therefore also affects those who intend to buy the two next-generation consoles from Microsoft, namely Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The two consoles in fact have a solid-state hard drive (SSD) NVMe from one terabyte (on Series X) and 512 gigabytes (on Series S) which, as previously announced by the Redmond company, can be joined by an ultra-high performance external card, developed by Seagate specifically for use on the two new platforms.

This is the External Custom PCI Express Gen4 x2 card, with a capacity of one terabyte and interfaced to the two consoles through the dedicated port, present on the back of the body of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. If until now this news were already known, now we are also able to know what the selling price of this peripheral will be.


In fact, according to what was stated by the well-known and reliable leaker Wario64, the expansion card will be on sale on Best Buy (and probably also from other retailers) at a price of $220 dollars.

That figure may be higher if we consider that it costs only $80 cheaper than Xbox Series S. Although it is possible to connect an external hard drive to the two consoles, it will be necessary to have this device in order to install and take advantage of the new generation games in case we run out of space on the two consoles.

The Seagate expansion card will be available on the market as early as November 10th.