Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X Weight Confirmed by Microsoft

In recent hours, Microsoft has released more details about Xbox Series X and Xbox S Series. On the pages dedicated to the two consoles, it was revealed that the Xbox Series X will weigh 9.8 pounds, while the Xbox Series S will weigh 4.25 pounds.

From this information, it is confirmed that the Xbox Series X version is significantly lighter than Series X. The All-Digital version of the new Xbox console will also be lighter than the Xbox One S, which weighed 6.4 pounds.

Microsoft with this version seems to want to attract the same audience as Google Stadia, which offers a game streaming service without a physical console. With the Game Pass Ultimate, the Xbox Series S essentially offers a similar service, but with a potentially larger library.

Also on Twitter, the packages were revealed that will wrap the two consoles, which you can find below. The two packages will contain the respective consoles, a controller, an Ultra High-Speed ​​HDMI cable, and a power cable.

Xbox Series X comes with a controller, an Ultra High-Speed ​​HDMI cable, and a power cable. The two versions of the new Microsoft console will be released on November 10 and will be released globally at a cost of $299 for Xbox Series S and $499 for Xbox Series X.

For all those who are willing to buy the console, and maybe pre-order it from the first available day, know that the Day One pre-order date will be September 22nd.

It will be interesting to see how Xbox Series S performs when it is released. While the system is less powerful than the Xbox Series X, its lower price and small size might convince some players to buy.