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Xbox Series S Reportedly Supports Smart Delivery & Backwards Compatibility

For some time there has been talk of a cheaper version of Xbox Series X called Xbox Series S and codenamed Lockhart, and although Microsoft has not yet announced it, references have often been found in Windows files. Now, in a new article, the website VGC has released some unpublished details on this console.

According to the British website, the Microsoft development documents found a reference to the “family of Xbox consoles” (Scarlett is the codename of the Xbox Series X), and that therefore there will not be a single platform of the next-generation console.

This family would refer to two SKUs, Lockhart and Anaconda (Anaconda was the codename for an even more powerful version of Microsoft’s next-gen console series which later turned out to be Xbox Series X).

The report then reveals that Xbox Series S will support several Xbox Series X innovations, including Smart Delivery (the feature that allows you to buy a game on Xbox One and upgrade for free to the version for the future console), the new version of the backward compatibility with Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One games and more.

Microsoft also expects the developers to support Lockhart and Xbox Series X concurrently, despite the difference in the power of the two consoles: the house of Redmond, therefore, wants there to be a situation similar to that of Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

To find out more about the Xbox Series S, we will probably still have to wait for a long time, perhaps until the next Xbox 20/20 event.

Recall that Xbox Series X will release at the end of this year 2020.