Xbox Game Pass Could Get Cyberpunk 2077 After Launch, Journalist Claims

Microsoft recently confirmed the date of the July event, where we will see games aimed for the Xbox Series X, and during the event, we will hear a lot of information about the Xbox Game Pass. Jeff Grubb mentioned that the Redmond company may even propose Cyberpunk 2077.

This is not confirmed in any way, but Jeff Grubb, who was the first to inform about the date of The Future of Gaming and in recent weeks very often shares behind the scenes details from the industry, decided to present his expectations for the Xbox Games Showcase.

In his opinion, the party will not only see new games aimed at the Xbox X Series, but we will also hear a lot about the Xbox Game Pass. This is not really surprising, because all the first-party titles will be available in the service, but Phil Spencer is also preparing a big surprise.

According to the journalist, Microsoft wants to show the strength of the service and during the Xbox Games Showcase a “big splash” will be announced – Xbox Game Pass is to receive large production from third-party developers. The game will be available right after the premiere according to Grubb.

“But this is where Microsoft’s third-party strategy could come into play. Expect Microsoft to try to make a big splash by announcing an anticipated third-party game hitting Game Pass soon after release. Cyberpunk 2077 seems like a prime candidate,” Grubb revealed yesterday.

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft could get such a great IP for its service, but it’s definitely worth watching the announcements. Jeff Grubb has not been wrong so far, so at the Xbox Games Showcase, we will definitely see a large third-party title that will go to the Xbox Game Pass.

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