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Xbox Game Pass August 2020 Free Games: Final Fantasy 7 HD, Darksiders: Genesis & More

During this evening, Microsoft announced the seven games that will become part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog in early August 2020, starting tomorrow, August 6, 2020.

Among these games, we find the excellent action-adventure Darksiders: Genesis, coming only on console, however, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, the first chapter of this horror anthology published by Bandai Namco which will soon receive a second part, Xeno Crisis, an interesting 16-bit run and gun, and perhaps the most anticipated one ever, Final Fantasy 7 HD, a remastered version (and not the 2020 remake available only on PS4) out on both PC and Xbox One.

Here are the seven games coming to the Xbox Game Pass in early August 2020 on PC and Xbox One:

  1. Darksiders: Genesis (Console) – August 6th
  2. It Lurks Below (Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – August 6th
  3. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (Console) – August 6
  4. Trailmakers (Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – August 6th
  5. UnderMine (Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – August 6th
  6. Xeno Crisis (Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – August 6th
  7. Final Fantasy VII HD (Console & PC) – August 13th

Microsoft also remembers having added F1 2019 by surprise last week, and that five games will come out of the catalog on August 14. The titles in question are five, and we find among them Devil May Cry 5, available only on Xbox One, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, playable through the service also on PC instead.

The other three games are little known, and are Space Hulk: Tactics for PC, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine for PC, and Yoku’s Island Express for PC and Xbox One.