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Are Xbox 360 Servers Still Up In 2023?: How To Check Status

Are Xbox 360 Servers Active or Inactive? Here's how you can check the Server Status by yourself.

Wondering if the Support Server for Xbox 360 are still functioning? In early 2023, an error message popped up on Microsoft Support Website that said Xbox 360 Marketplace will go inactive by May 2023. So they encouraged everyone to purchase any Xbox 360 Game or DLC before the timer runs out. However, it was a false update that was mistakenly displayed on the website. But many players are still wondering if Xbox 360 Servers are still up and working like normal. Scroll down to know more about it.

Xbox 360 Server Status

Xbox 360 Consoles

Currently, the Xbox 360 Servers are working fine and they’ll continue to work that way. Xbox Support Staff keeps on updating the Server Status on their website once every 5 minutes. In fact, here’s how you can check out the Server Status by yourself:

  • Open your Internet Browser and access the Xbox Status Website.
  • On this website, you will see Server Status for all the Xbox-related services there.

In case any of your Xbox 360 functions aren’t working properly, you can head over and use this website. Anything wrong with Xbox Servers will be updated here.

When will Xbox 360 Server Shut Down?

As of now, there’s no confirmed or speculated date on which the Xbox 360 Servers will sunset. Microsoft hasn’t released any official statement on making the Xbox 360 Support inactive for players. Instead, they are making games unavailable on the Xbox 360 Marketplace due to compatibility issues. For the time being, Xbox 360 users can still enjoy plenty of exciting games available on the platform.

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Now that you know about the Xbox 360 Server Status, have a great time playing classic games. In case there is any news or update related to Xbox, you can check back at Gamer Tweak. We have tons of informative content stacked up for you here.

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