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Xbox Series X/S ‘Stormcloud Vapor’ Controller Release Date, Price Leaked

Microsoft's upcoming ‘Stormcloud Vapor’ controller for Xbox Series X/S has seemingly leaked with release date and price in advance.

The next variant of Microsoft’s wireless controller could be called the Xbox Stormcloud Vapor, at least according to an insider BillBil-kun, famous for PlayStation Plus lineup leaks. The user has also shared the release date, price, and some other information about the upcoming controller from Microsoft. Check out all the information related to the upcoming Xbox Series X/S controller below.

Xbox Series X/S ‘Stormcloud Vapor’ Controller Leaked

Xbox Series X ‘Stormcloud Vapor’ Controller Leaks

According to reports, the user BillBil-kun shared some information about this alleged Xbox Series X/S controller. The next variant of the gamepad will therefore be called Xbox Stormcloud Vapor. The release date of this controller has been also leaked for August 8, 2023 by the same insider.

The ‘Stormcloud Vapor’ joystick will presumably retail for a price of $69.99, which is fairly a standard price for first-party Xbox gamepads. For example, the recently debuted Lunar Shift and Sunkissed Vibes OPI variants of the Xbox Wireless Controller are sold at the same price.

The report also claims that the controller has an internal codename “Jemez”, and even if there are not many details about its aesthetics or technical specs, the “Stormcloud Vapor” will possibly be available in a cyan-blue with gray undertone color.

Billbil-kun also thinks that the “Stormcloud Vapor” controller could be related to Forza Motorsport, which is having a release date of October 10, 2023. While its supposed name doesn’t appear to be connected to the racing video game series, releasing a limited edition controller in the same month before the game it’s inspired by wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Microsoft.

After all, that’s exactly what the company has done with the Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller, available for purchase since mid-June, while Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG title should only hit the market in early September.

For the unversed, the Starfield-themed controller includes a design inspired by elements from the title. The controller has gray and gold colors to match the game’s branding and features textured grips. Its price is $79.99 but it is currently sold out, at least as regards to the official Xbox store.