WWE 2K24 Cover Star Predictions – Leaks & Rumors

Who do you think can be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24? Here’s the Superstar we think can get this honor

As we are officially heading on to the Road to Wrestlemania, it is time for WWE to give Omos-sized surprises to the fans. Aside from the shocking Royal Rumble appearances, fans are building hype around the possible Cover Star of WWE 2K24. Usually, the superstar who has the star power to sell the games gets the honor of being the Cover Star of the WWE Games. But in the year 2024, we have multiple contenders who can get this opportunity.

We have been following up with all the latest leaks and rumors about WWE 2K24 and found this wrestler to be the Cover Star. And no, it is not Randy Orton, CM Punk, or Brock Lesnar, but this guy.

Cody Rhodes is Most Likely to be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Cover Star
Image Source: CNG86 (Twitter)

According to all the latest leaks and rumors, it’s almost confirmed that the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, is going to be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24. While there’s no official announcement made about the Release Date or such, we can speculate him to be on the Cover.

Before WWE 2K22, every WWE 2K game had an active wrestler, from the Modern Era, as the Cover Star. But after taking a step back and canceling WWE 2K21, the creative team decided to break the stereotype. As of WWE 2K22, the Cover Star will have its own Showcase Mode in the game, highlighting his/her most iconic runs in the company.

Even though Cody is yet to dethrone Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, players can relish his career prior to it. Most of his career-altering moments come from AEW but I think it would make a little sense to showcase his run as the Stardust, being in the Legacy, his run with Goldust, and his epic return at Wrestlemania 38 in WWE 2K24.

Why Bray Wyatt Should be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24?

Bray Wyatt Should be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24
Image Source: u/ConversationOne6070 (Reddit)

Personally, I think the Late Windham Rotunda, popularly known by his ring name Bray Wyatt should be the Cover Star of WWE 2K24. This could be the best way for WWE to pay their tribute to Bray, by showcasing his dream run in the company. Bray Wyatt has made more memories than Cody did inside WWE’s ring. Moreover, Cody’s aim is to “Finish the Story“, which he hasn’t already done yet.

For a moment, if we consider that Bray Wyatt is the WWE 2K24 Cover Star, imagine how great his Showcase Mode is going to be. You will get to relive his time with the Wyatt Family in NXT and on the Main Roster. Apart from that, he has had a rivalry with some of the all-time greats like the Undertaker, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Not to forget his terrifying “Fiend” persona. So I think, Bray Wyatt is also a strong contender for being on the Cover of the upcoming WWE 2K installment.

Other rumors suggest that the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns can also be the Cover Star. However, I think this is least likely to happen, especially when all the hype is around Cody and Bray. If WWE decides to showcase Roman Reigns’ epic 1000+ Days Championship reign and get it done perfectly, then WWE 2K24 can be the best-seller Wrestling Game of all time.

Whoever, the Cover Star is, we will get to know about it in the coming weeks. Till then, all we can do is wait for the official announcement to drop. Be sure to stay connected with Gamer Tweak, as we will update you about it.