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How To Get VC In WWE 2K23 (Best Ways To Earn)

Running low on Virtual Currency? Then take a look at the best ways to earn VC in WWE 2K23 easily.

In WWE 2K23 players are going to require tons of VC (Virtual Currency). That’s because in the base game not all Superstar, Arenas, & items are unlocked automatically. Only a number of wrestlers can be unlocked by quest and mission progression, while the rest of them do need the DLC or VC. If you can’t wait to access the unlockable Superstars then you better start farming the in-game currency. For your convenience below we have mentioned all the best ways to earn Virtual Currency in WWE 2K23.

How Can I Farm VC in WWE 2K23?

How Can I Farm VC in WWE 2K23

In WWE 2K23 players can earn a good amount of VC every time they complete a MyRise, Showcase any other mode objectives. Other than that, earning a good star rating in matches can also be a way to farm currency. So ensure you have the best Heavyweight Superstar by your side to knock out the opponents and you’ll be good to go. Another way to get this currency is by simply making a purchase upfront from online marketplaces or in-game stores.

As we are familiar with, VC & Tokens can only be used in MyFaction mode to buy Arenas, Belts, and Superstars. As a downside, the DLC-exclusive playable characters and other content can only be accessed via real-life money. Also, note Virtual Currency can’t be used to buy any Season pass or ad on packs. For your reference below we have mentioned the prices of things you can buy in the MyFaction mode.

  • Purchasable Wrestlers: 1,000 VC each
  • Arenas: 500 VC each
  • Tittle Belts: 100 VC each

Now you know the ways to earn Virtual Currency in WWE 2K23. If you are a veteran player and wondering if it’s possible to transfer the previous installment VC to the game, then scroll down for details.

Can I Transfer WWE 2K22 Virtual Currency?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer WWE 2K22 or any other previous installment VC & Cards to the latest installment. This rule does not only apply to PC players but also to console users. On the other hand, players can still carry over the WWE 2K23 Virtual Currency from their previous generation console to the current one. However, this cross-gen is only possible in the same console family.

With that said, this is all you need to know about how you can earn or transfer VC in WWE 2K23 easily. While you are here check out how to make a Custom title in the game. Also, take a look at the steps to perform Top Rope moves.