How To Perform Top-Rope Moves In WWE 2K23

Check out our guide on how to perform Top rope moves in WWE 2K23.

Wrestling fans around the world can finally get their hands on the all-new WWE 2K23. The long-running series is back with updated graphics, new game modes, and a stacked roster of all the Superstar wrestlers. But the heart of the game remains dedicated to recreating the sport of wrestling in all its glory. Players can perform a multitude of combos, finishers, and reversals recreated to perfection. But there is nothing quite as majestic as soaring through the air. Let’s take a look at how to perform Top-rope moves in WWE 2K23.

How to Perform Top-rope Moves in WWE 2K23

how to perform top rope moves in wwe 2k23

Just like in all previous games, players can climb up to the Top-rope of their area and perform diving finishers. WWE 2K23 makes a few changes to the standard formula. Press LT/L2 while using the analog stick and run towards a corner. You can do this from any point in or out of the ring. But not all wrestlers can climb the ropes. The Super Heavyweight wrestler in the game can’t be used to climb the Top-rope. The best wrestlers to use are the ones that fall in the High Flyer category.

Once you have the right kind of wrestler make your way to a corner and climb up on the top ropes. When you see an opening, press a light or heavy attack(X/A) to dive down on your opponent to inflict heavy damage. The type of attack you perform will depend on the character you have chosen. Superstars have their own signature moves and combos you can unlock. Trying to use different finishers and attacks during the fight, mix up your playstyle. It is important to note standing on the top ropes leaves you completely open to attacks, so make your moves quick and efficient.

That’s all there is to perform Top-rope moves in WWE 2K23. Check out How to unlock Ezekiel and other WWE 2K23 guides here on Gamer Tweak.