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Ezekiel In WWE 2K23: How To Unlock (Requirements)

Take a look at the requirements to unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23 easily.

As we are familiar with, in this new WWE 2K installment there are 100+ Superstars you can unlock via using your VC. However, there are also some unlockable Legends that can only be obtained by completing a particular mission. One of which is Ezekiel, “the brother of Elias” that you can only unlock via the MyRise story mode in WWE 2K23. If you are already looking forward to unlocking this Superstar then we’ve got you covered. For your reference, we have mentioned all the requirements and other details in the article below.

How Can I Unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23?

Unlock Ezekiel & john Cena In WWE 2K23
Picture Credits: ThisGenGaming

In WWE 2K23 to unlock Ezekiel complete Showcase of the Immortals mission to join John Cena’s Faction in MyRise Mode. To initiate the mission you’ll first have to complete as many as loyalty missions possible. For a better understanding check out the quick walk-through mentioned below.

  1. First, go ahead and complete enough loyalty missions to initiate John Cena’s loyalty mission.
  2. Next, check your Social Media and select John Cena’s Tweet with an exclamation mark.
  3. Once done, it’ll initiate a cut scene where Elias and Ezekiel will reply to the Tweet.

    How To Unlock Ezekiel In WWE 2K23 (Requirements)
    Picture Credits: ThisGenGaming
  4. After a while you’ll get a prompt option to tweet i.e Offer to help Cena or Stay out of this.
  5. Next, select Offer to help Cena and it will prompt confirmation for the Showcase of the immortals’ story mission.

    Ezekiel WWE 2k23
    Picture Credits: ThisGenGaming
  6. Simply, select Yes and you’ll find yourself in a 1v2 Handicap match against Elias and Ezekiel. Yes, you heard it right.
  7. Now, go ahead and defeat both the Legendary Superstars, who are ironically the same person in real life.

And that’s how you can unlock Ezekiel and John Cena at the same time. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the Superstars that can only be unlocked by completing story missions, no matter if you have a season pass.

That covers all about how you can unlock Ezekiel who is slightly better than Elias in WWE 2K23. While you are here check out the list of weapons available in the game. Also, take a look at the Locker codes for free rewards.