WWE 2K20 Review – Is It Better than 2K19?

Some Glitches, Lots of Fun

WWE 2K20 when works right if a pretty fun game, but that is a big if, the game undoubtedly suffers from a lot of bugs, and you might be lucky enough to encounter them later in the game, but for us, we had them from the get-go. With all the bugs aside, you can tell from the offset that there is something different about this year’s WWE 2K20, and not just going by the cover which features Becky Lynch or the fact that WWE Showcase features the Four Horsewomen from NXT and their rise.

It is pretty evident that the developers are attempting to do something different, you get the MyCareer story with a male and female protagonists, who have their battles but mainly stick together as a package deal and travel around the country hoping to make it one day in the WWE.

What is Missing In WWE 2K20?

What the developers missed here was a big opportunity in my mind, instead of giving the mundane option of triggering a few cutscenes in a match, we could have been delivered a robust storyline which shows the journey of a hopeful wrestler to a WWE Hall of Famer. Instead, we get to see two people change attires and that’s about the change in character you will get.

The MyCareer mode story isn’t top-notch, but just like WWE it somehow captivates you enough for you to get to the end of the story, there is a definite beginning, middle, and end, but not necessarily in that order and it is one of the best things about the game.

WWE 2K20 see’s Yuke’s exit from the franchise, which could explain the bugs and the often crashing of the game, it is evident that the people behind the game were new to this and rushed the game to meet release deadlines.

Glitchy, but Incredibly Fun!

A lot of things have been changed and though customization remains in the game, it is not as flexible as it used to be, games of yesteryears like WWE’s Here Comes The Pain was probably the best in the franchise in the game. Not because it focused on the flashy graphics or fancy gimmicks, it worked because the gameplay worked and it was incredibly fun.

When it comes to superstar models, the WWE series were really advanced in this area, they defined characters accentuating their muscles and bulk which could help separate from one another, WWE 2K20 does it too, but it never achieves consistency with the game. It always seems off for a bit which is annoying. This hurts the realism factor that the developers have strived to achieve in WWE 2K20.

Speaking about it, there is a lot of focus on realism in WWE 2K20, where a bunch of lightweight wrestlers will not be able to lift heavyweight superstars in the game, which makes sense, but you cannot then venture off into the surreal aspects of the game and have Nikki Cross crawl up on the side of the walls.


It is these and so many like these inconsistencies that have caused WWE 2K20 to suffer, in concept, it might have been great but the execution of the game has been pretty terrible. The buttons have been remapped as well which is a new sort of frustration for regulars of the WWE games, it just doesn’t feel like the series has truly found what they are looking out for and instead they are simply just tweaking things around and releasing the same game with new layers on top.

WWE 2K20 feels like a constant struggle between two ideas and none of them have been formed perfectly.

All in all, if you can ignore constant bugs and glitches from an AAA title, then it makes sense to purchase this game, but if you cannot ignore these things I do not think that you would be missing out on anything interesting if you just stick to WWE 2K19.


Is It Better than 2K19?

WWE 2K20 feels like a constant struggle between two ideas and none of them have been formed perfectly.

  • Graphics 5.5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Customization 5