How To Write On Sign In Palworld (Signboard Crafting)

Want to leave a message for the group? Or simply label something important? Signboards are the way forward since you can write a memo on them in Palworld.

Whether you play multiplayer with friends or simply play on your own, Signboards are a necessary item in Palworld. In Palworld, players can write on Sign which will allow them to either convey a message to the group while they are off exploring, label some important item or memo for themselves, or even use it to warn any intruders if they are yet to remove Wanted Status.

Signboards are pretty useful and they come quite easy once you unlock them with Technology Points. To write on sign in Palworld, players will simply need 10 Wood pieces and then they can make their own Signboard. Once you’ve gathered the necessary resources, you can choose where you’d like to place this item down.

How to Leave a Memo or Write on Sign in Palworld

Build Signboard and Leave a Message in Palworld
Pals can build a Signboard to Write on Sign in Palworld. (Image Source: Steam)

Once you place down your Signboard, you can do a bunch of useful things as we mentioned. It’s pretty easy to write on sign in Palworld since all you need to do is place the Signboard and then interact with it. Once you do a text box will pop up where you can leave a memo for the rest of your party or label any necessary items.

Many players have been known to put up a Signboard outside their base to welcome visitors. However, many have used it to warn off NPCs who might be looking for them. Since you can place the board anywhere on the base, it’s a useful method one can use for a number of things.

Can’t Write on Sign in Palworld on Xbox

Unfortunately, Xbox players don’t have the option to Write on Sign in Palworld yet. This is some sad bug that is not allowing the players to do so. While there is no way to fix it unless Pocketpair rolls out a patch, there is something you can try instead. If you are playing multiplayer with someone on PC (crossplay is allowed between Xbox and Game Pass players), you can ask them to leave the memo that you wish to write on the Signboard.

That’s all there is to it on writing on Signboard in Palworld. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Palworld guides right here at Gamer Tweak.