How To Quickly Get To The Wreckage Zone In Outriders

Are you confused about how to get to the Wreckage Zone in Outriders? Well, make sure to check it out right here

The Wreckage Zone in Outriders is a place that the players must visit as part of the Mentor’s quest. This isn’t a place that you will be able to visit early on in the game and will have to reach a certain level before you will be able to survive it. If you’re ready to take on the challenge and wish to know about how to get to this place, then make sure to check this out.

How To Get To The Wreckage Zone In Outriders

When you’re around level 13 in the game, you will get a quest from the Mentor saying that you will have to go to the Wrecking Zone. To get to the Wrecking Zone in Outriders, all you have to do is talk to Jakub. This will also help you to begin your quest and once you come back from Corrigan’s Citadel, you’ll need to talk to Jakub once again, and then you will be able to go to the Wreckage Zone.

how to get to the wreckage zone in outriders
You will need to start the Mentor’s quest and talk to Jakub to get to the Wreckage Zone

As the name suggests, Wreckage Zone isn’t a holiday destination in Outriders and as soon as you get there you will be swarmed by enemies. Make sure that you take down each and every last one of them that you face in the Ruins and then collect the key to the door.

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Go uphill and then you will find more enemies, take them all out and keep progressing. All you need to do here is destroy anything or anyone that comes your way. This will help you to progress faster and complete the quest in the Wreckage Zone.

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