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WoW: Classic Guide on Leveling For Players Who Have Never Played Vanilla

WoW: Classic Leveling Guide

In this article, I would like to tell you some tips to level up your character in World of Warcraft: Classic in a fast way. For some, they will look very elementary. But still, there are many newbies who have never played Vanilla version, so they need this WOW: Classic guide on leveling.

The Best WOW: Classic Guide on Leveling for Newbies


Use Resurrection at the Cemetery up to Level 10

It is worth considering that weakness after resurrection does not apply to you up to level 10. In some cases, this will save you a ton of time and will help to get back to the gameplay instantly.

Suppose you stay very far from the place of quest delivery, but at the same time the cemetery is located next to it. In this case, it will be smarter for you to collect a pack of mobs and let them kill you, and then turn to the Soul Healer. Yes, of course, you have to sacrifice the strength of your equipment. But given that your level is low, you should not worry about the price of repairs. In my opinion, such a way of leveling in WoW: Classic is much more profitable than spending 5 or more minutes to reach the quest giver.


Always Kill All Mobs between Your Main Quest Spots

If you were given the task of collecting 10 bearskins, then after collecting them, do not just return to submit the quest. On the way back, you need to kill every mob for which you can gain experience. This additional EXP is very useful, and the cost of obtaining it will pay off with interest.

Do Not Forget about Rest System


Wow: Classic Resting

I continue my WoW: CLassic guide on leveling with the rest system. Given that now the rest system is not in special demand since leveling is not particularly difficult, many people forgot about it at all. For such players, I remind you that in WoW Vanilla, you always need to leave the game only when you are in a city or tavern. Thus, your experience gained will be increased by 200%. And for every 8 hours spent in a tavern or city, you will receive 5% of free experience. Usually, we spend at least a similar amount of time sleeping, working, or studying. Thus, the time that you were absent from the game can still be spent for the benefit of your character.

Do Not Forget about Secondary Professions


That cool profession that is being taken away from us in Battle for Azeroth called First Aid will help you quickly restore your health even in the middle of a battle. But the main reason is that secondary professions in Vanilla open access to additional quests. In this regard, professions can do some things that will help to get a high level fast in WoW: Classic. They will give you additional experience, and their implementation will not require tremendous effort.

I hope that this WoW: Classic leveling guide was helpful to you. If you do everything correctly, you can get a high level in a few days of non-stop playing.