World War Z Nintendo Switch Port In Development, GOTY Edition Releasing in May

By Dinesh
2 Min Read

According to the official announcement by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, via a statement, the World War Z Game of the Year Edition will release on May 5 at the Epic Games Store for PC, and also on PS4 and Xbox One, with several new features. In addition, the studio has confirmed the arrival of the title on Nintendo Switch, but also and above all that this will arrive in its GOTY edition.

In addition to the base game, this version will include all the DLC that has already been released and a new PvE episode, which will take place in Marseille. This GOTY edition will give you immediate access to the Biohazard Weapon Pack, Last Aid Weapon Pack, Special Operations Forces Weapon Pack, Wolf Weapon Pack and a future weapon pack that will be revealed later.

The CEO of the company, Matt Karch, wanted to explain why the release date for the Switch version was not announced, declaring that the optimization of the title required a very important job, but that important news will come soon. In that sense, the executive stated the following:

“The biggest challenge was finding which compromises could be made to the game which wouldn’t have a significant impact on the visuals. We needed to make sure the game looked great, fit into the Switch’s memory and ran at a solid frame rate. There was really no single factor which made this a reality. We experimented constantly for the first few months until we found that balance. Keep in mind that we are rendering scenes with hundreds of enemies and four players online. Getting this to run on the Switch is the hardest thing that we have had to do – this is true even though we are porting our own [Swarm] engine over to the platform.”

World War Z GOTY edition will cost $49.99 for consoles and $44.99 for PC.