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How To Earn Renown In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

Collect some Renown for getting hefty rewards.

Renown is a reputation system in World of Warcraft shadowlands that you can level up by earning renown to get valuable rewards. It all begins once you reach the max level cap of 60. Once you are there, there is an option to join one of the four Covenants, and that’s when you get access to the Renown system. There’s a Renown Cap in WoW Shadowlands to ensure that the game is worth playing even after several weeks. So that you don’t miss out on getting the rewards for progressing in the Renown reputation system, here’s our guide on how to earn renown in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands: How to Earn Renown


There are four different ways to easily earn Renown in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Here are all the methods to get Renown.

how to earn renown in wow shadowlands

  • The Covenant’s Story Campaigns: You will earn Renown by progressing each of the Covenant’s Story Campaigns. The quests and adventures that you do will be unique and specific to each Covenant.
  • Return Lost Souls Weekly Quest: You will get this weekly quest from the Torghast towers. It requires you to travel to Maw and hunt tormented souls that were supposed to enter your Covenant.
  • Replenish the Reservoir Quest: It is another weekly quest that asks you to replenish the reservoir in the Sanctum by collecting and depositing Anima.
  • Catching Up (Only for players who haven’t reached Renown max level): If you aren’t able to earn enough Renown in WoW Shadowlands by the end of the week, you can catch up during the endgame activities. Some of the activities you can participate in to get Renown are Dungeons, PvP, Callings, and Raids.


Those are the four ways to earn Renown in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. While here, ensure reading about the different ways to earn Anima in WoW Shadowlands. This will help you collect the Anima for Replenish the Reservoir weekly quest and get Renown quickly.