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How To Get The Silverwind Larion Secret Mount In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

Get the winged-lion mount.

There are multiple mounts in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and one of the most beautiful is Silerwind Larion. This lion-looking winged cat is not just beautiful but also increases your speed significantly. It will increase your flight speed by 310%/280%/150%, and your ground speed by 100%. Hence, it is obvious that players will be looking to find get Silverwind Larion secret mount in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.


WoW Shadowlands: How to Get Silverwind Larion

You can get Sivlerwind Larion by collecting 50 Anima Shards known as the Wisdom of Bastion in the Bastion region. Catching these Anima Shards is not going to be easy as they are very tiny and hidden. To be able to even view these Anima Shards, you must have hit the new max cap level 60.

Once you are at or above level 60, start looking for blue-colored glowing tiny objects scattered across the region. You will unlock the Silverwind Larion secret mount by collecting all the lost 50 Anima Shards in WoW Shadowlands. You can refer to the below image compiled and created by Zarallion, the handler of HandyNotes: Shadowlands addon, for the location of the first 44 Anima Shards.

all anima shards locations to get silverwind larion secret mount in world of wacraft shadowlands

Now, the challenge remains for the remaining 6 Shards, but don’t worry as we won’t leave you hanging in the middle. Below are the locations of the final 6 Anima Shards that can get you the Silverwind Larion mount.

  • Aspirant’s rest on top of the structure there
  • Hills located to the northeast of Necrotic Wake
  • By the Path of Wisdom
  • Kraznir’s Exchange
  • Necrotic Wake Dungeon
  • Spires of Ascension


Simply head on to the above-mentioned locations and look out for the Anima Shards. Once you have collected all the 50, it will unlock the Silverwind Larion secret mount.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Silverwind Larion mount in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. You will also have to collect Anima, the new currency, and Renown for leveling up your reputation in WoW Shadowlands and earn some hefty rewards.