How To Join Co-op Multiplayer In World Flipper?

Read this guide to learn how you can play co-op multiplayer in World Flipper.

Playing World Flipper can be an immensely fun experience, especially when you play co-op with your friends. If you are wondering how you can get to play this game in this mode, read our guide and learn how to do so.

How to Play Co-op Multiplayer in World Flipper?

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In order to play co-op with your friends in World Flipper, you need to go to the Boss Battle option in the game. You will find this option on the button located to the right of the Story mode tab. This button will be present on the homepage of the game, so it is pretty easy to find.

After you click on Boss Battle, you have to click on the Multiplayer button. Then, create a Private Room. After doing so, you will be provided with a Room ID. Below the said ID, you will also find an option to share the code.

If you wish to join a private room, you will have to select the calculator icon located above the Boss Battle list. Once you do so, enter the Room ID of the room you wish to join.

In order to join a public room, you need to select the blue-colored share button, after which you need to click the Bell icon. Once you do this, the game will send out invitations to random players online.

If you are one of the players that receive an invitation, you will notice that the Bell icon we mentioned earlier will light up in blue. When you are mid-battle, the pause icon will turn into a blue-colored bell.

If you join a public room with this process, you will not lose any stamina. Similarly, you will also not lose stamina if you join a private room with a mutual follower. Stamina will only be lost by the host of the room.

This is how you can play co-op multiplayer both privately as well as publicly in World Flipper. Doing so can be really simple, and you will be in for an exciting time with your friends!

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