Pokemon GO: 2023 Twitch Codes For Exclusive Timed Research

The World Championship 2023 is on and this is how you can get research codes for Pokemon GO from Twitch.

To celebrate the Pokemon GO World Championship 2023, there are Twitch codes that you can redeem. Now, you do have to watch the stream for some time. But it isn’t for long and you get some really amazing rewards. These include possible shiny Pokemon encounters for Swampert, Skarmory, Galarian Stunfisk to other useful items like Stardust, Star Piece, and more. So below is how you can get and redeem them and the list of all rewards.

How to Get Pokemon GO Exclusive Timed Research Codes

Pokemon GO Twitch Codes for exclusive rewards

You have to follow the Pokémon GO Twitch channel and watch the World Championships live stream on Day 1 and/or Day 2 to get these redeem codes.

  1. Go to the official Pokemon GO Twitch channel.
  2. Scroll down and there will be a Pokemon Giveaway tab.
  3. Click on the Share Twitch ID.
  4. It will now start tracking how long you have watched the stream. Make sure not to reload the page or close it as that may reset your progress.
  5. After 30 minutes you will get a Claim Reward button.
  6. Click on it and you will get the code.

Depending on the day you visit their channel the following streams should be ongoing, and these are the rewards their codes will give you:

  • Day 1 – Friday, August 11, 2023.
    • Team Option 1
      • Skarmory (Possible Lucky encounter)
      • Vigoroth
      • Swampert (Possible Lucky encounter)
    • Team Option 2
      • Trevenant
      • Noctowl
      • Lanturn
    • Team Option 3
      • Azumarill
      • Umbreon
      • Mandibuzz
    • 8,000 Stardust
    • 1× Premium Battle Pass
    • 1× Star Piece
  • Day 2 – Saturday, August 12, 2023.
    • Galarian Stunfisk (Possible Lucky encounter)
    • Elite Charged TM

Both streams start at 12:00 AM UTC. Make sure to use the codes soon because they will only be valid through August 20, 2023, at 12:00 AM UTC.

How to Redeem Pokemon Go Codes

After you click on Claim Reward, the code gets revealed, click on the copy icon to copy it to your clipboard.

  1. Go to the Pokemon GO offer redemption page of Niantic.
  2. Log in to your Pokemon GO account.
  3. Paste the code on your clipboard.
  4. Click on the red Submit button.

Now, open Pokemon GO on your phone and you will get a popup congratulating you and you will get your rewards.

That’s all on how you can get World Championship 2023 Twitch codes for Pokemon GO. For more on this game be sure to check out our Pokemon GO section.