Adopt Me: Woodland Egg Pets List

Wondering what pets you can get from Woodland eggs in Adopt me? This list will help you out.

Many Adopt me players are looking for the list of Woodland Egg pets. These are legendary eggs in the game that were introduced to replace the Mythic eggs. They have quite a price when you want to buy them but the pets are definitely worth it. And getting them is also easy. So in this guide let us check how to get the Woodland Egg pets in Adopt Me.

Adopt Me Woodland Egg Pets List

adopt me woodland egg pets list

Woodland Egg set consists of 8 pets for you to hatch. These include 1 common pet, 1 uncommon pet, 2 rare pets, 2 ultra rare pets, and 2 legendary pets. These are all the pets that you can get:

  • Bullfrog: Common
  • Red Cardinal: Uncommon
  • Red Fox: Rare
  • Woodpecker: Rare
  • Pine Marten: Ultra Rare
  • Salamander: Ultra Rare
  • Fallow Deer: Legendary
  • Hawk: Legendary

How to get Woodland Eggs in this game.

There are two ways to get these eggs in the game. You can get the Woodland Eggs from the Gumball Machine at the Nursery. These eggs cost 750 in-game bucks. Alternatively, you can also trade with other players to get these eggs.

You can identify a Woodland egg by its green tint. It has a mushroom sprouting from its top, and it rests on a nest made of leaves and twigs. This egg also has a few spots on it.

These eggs have been available in the game since 17th March 2022.

That covers everything you should know about the Woodland Egg in Adopt me its pets list and how to get them. If you like playing this game then you might find our guides useful on how to make a neon pet, the best eggs to get, the pets trading value list, and how to get all ladybug pets in this game. And for more help on other similar games check out our Roblox section.