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Where To Find Wolverine In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Finding and defeating Wolverine is not easy in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, check out where to find and defeat Wolverine right here

Wolverine in Fortnite finally makes his appearance as part of Marvel’s characters who have recently found the island to be a great place to test out their skills. A lot of players have been struggling to find and kill Wolverine in Fortnite and if you want to know how to slay this beast, check out our guide which will show you how to take down this adamantium buffed superhero in Fortnite.


Where To Find Wolverine In Fortnite

If you have been a fan of Marvel comics as most people in the world, you might have a slight idea just how powerful and notorious Wolverine is. His body has been filled with adamantium replacing his bones, making him nearly indestructible.

But nearly indestructible doesn’t make the cut in Fortnite as players have defeated even the mightiest of foes in the past and though defeating Wolverine can be a bit difficult it’s not impossible.

You will need to find Wolverine in Fortnite and tracking the beast down is easy if you follow our coordinates to the point. You will need to find Wolverine in Weeping Woods, if you do not know where Weeping Woods is, try going to the grid C5, C6, D5, and D6.

Once you get here, keep walking around, and eventually you’re bound to come face to face with Wolverine AKA Weapon X as he used to be called.

Beware, that he’s extremely fast in Fortnite and his attacks are ruthless staying true to his character in the comic books as well as in the films.


How To Defeat Wolverine In Fortnite

Wolverine is one of the strongest characters in all of Marvel history, he has battled some of the mightiest villains of the comic book era and has even gone fist to fist with even with the Hulk and remained on his feet.

fortnite wolverine how to kill

You probably should not take on Wolverine all by yourself if you’re not that good at Fortnite, squad up, and go to Weeping Woods as you will have four times the firepower to take down Wolverine.

If you do decide to take on Wolverine all by yourself, it is recommended that you start building fast and upwards, even though he is fast, Wolverine will not be able to chase you upwards as he cannot fly.


You will only have one shot at killing Wolverine, if another player beats you to it then he won’t respawn back in the game and you will need to start another game to defeat Wolverine.

Once you manage to defeat Wolverine, you can get the Wolverine’s Claws, use these claws to melee attack other players even from a distance. The claws are also good if you’re trying to outrun the storm as they will propel you forward with every swipe.

This is everything that you will need to find and defeat Wolverine in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.