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How to complete Fortnite Wolverine Challenge – Claws Mark Investigation

If you are seeing Claws Marks in Fortnite and wondering what to do with this then here is a guide on how to complete this Wolverine Challenge.

For the first time, you will see hints of Wolverine in Fortnite? Does this mean we the popular X-Men character has a hidden surprise visit in the game? or is it just a reference. Well, it relies on the end of challenges, to complete a kind of Wolverine Challenge you will have to investigate 3 mysterious claw marks. After unlocking the challenge there will be no indication or marker to guide you towards the marks. You have to find them on your own complete the Claw Marks challenge. This guide will help you with all three Fortnite Claw Marks Location.


How to complete “Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks” Challenge?

Weeping Wood is your location to complete this challenge. Land at the spot somewhere in the middle area. Claw Marks are scattered on this location, chances you find more than three. The objective is to find a minimum of 3 Claw Marks to complete the challenge.

Claw Mark 1 Location:

Fortnite Mysterious Claws Location 1

For the first one land towards the North of Weeping Woods. There is a wooden cabin in the forest area, go inside and in one of the walls made of woods, you will find the mysterious claws mark. Just look around on the west side of the building.

Claw Mark 2 Location:


Fortnite Mysterious Claws Location 2

The second one is on the rocks near the pond on the south of the building which has the 1st claw mark. Just walk south scan the pond region. Check the rocks around and you will find the second mysterious claw mark on one of the rocks.

Claw Mark 3 Location:

Fortnite Mysterious Claws Location 3

Walk to the west of the pond on the left side and look for some parked RV.s. The one with a green exterior has a claw mark near the rear wheel. This is where you can find the third mysterious claws mark in Fortnite and complete the “Investigate Claw Mark” challenge.


That’s it after finding all three Claws you are done with the challenges. Go through the challenge list to know what’s next.

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