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How To Unlock Shooting Range In Wolfenstein Youngblood

Practice Shooting

Learn how to unlock Shooting Range In Wolfenstein Youngblood, the best part to unlock Shooting Range in the game will help you to get free armor and ammunition. Every time you visit you can load armor and ammo and return back to your mission. Shooting Range will also help you to practice a bit of shooting, it is a nice place to simply test out new weapons. So let’s begin with the guide to unlocking Shooting Range In Wolfenstein Youngblood.

How To Unlock Shooting Range In Wolfenstein Youngblood

To access Shooting Range in catacombs you have to play hide-out of the resistance side-mission. The shooting range is linked with this mission. Go to the upper level of Resistance Hiding Place. Look for rifle neon signs, this is the shooting range which is closed for now. Talk to Anais Fontaine at the catacombs, and you will get a side task as Claude the Armorer.

Visit the underground bunker in the Little Berlin District and save Claude. After saving him return back to catacombs, and you will see the shooting range is now unlocked. You can practice shooting here by killing ordinary Nazis and Supersoldats. It is a nice place to test how strong your weapons it and how much time does it take to break a shield.

Visit the shooting range regularly to gets hands on the weapons you are using. It will help you to strengthen your aiming and weapons controls. As an additional tip unlock Crush ability during the beginning of the game. The crushability allows you to move fast and bash into objects, you can stun enemies with it and also use to break doors.