FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps & How To Get Tokens

Here's a detailed guide on the Winter Wildcards Swaps promotion in FIFA 23.

The Winter Wildcard Swaps have returned in FIFA 23 where you can get tokens for rewards. Owing to its previous success, EA launched this holiday season promotion on 19th December. Through these tokens, you can get Player Packs or Single Players via trading. So players around the world are looking for ways to obtain them. If you too are one of them then you have come to the right place. This article will tell you about the Swaps and how to get Tokens.

How to Get Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens in FIFA 23

Unlike the World Cup Swaps, you can get 25 tokens in the Winter Wildcards Swaps promotion. Players can get their hands on these tokens by completing various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or objectives. They may put them in either or both as they did in last year’s promotion. That means you might have to complete an objective with a player, as they did with Messias last year. Or you might have to win some games in a particular mode to get them. Make sure you check the objectives and SBCs every single day to see if they released a new token. Here are the released tokens and how to get them:

  • Token 1: Login and get this for free.
  • Token 2: Complete the FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 1

All Token Rewards

Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens rewards

You can trade these Winter Wildcards tokens for the following rewards:

  • WW Kieran Trippier – 2 Tokens
  • 81+ x11 Player Pack – 3 Tokens
  • 84+ x3 Player Pack – 5 Tokens
  • WW Sandro Tonali – 10 Tokens
  • 83+ x25 Player Pack – 10 Tokens
  • 85+ x10 Player Pack – 15 Tokens
  • 85+ WW Player Pick – 15 Tokens
  • 3x (85+ x25 Player Pack) – 20 Tokens

These are valuable rewards so make sure you collect every Token possible. That’s everything from us on Winter Wildcard Swaps and How to Get Tokens in FIFA 23. For more helpful guides like the Best FUT Kits, visit GamerTweak soon.