How To Get Wings Of The Creator Emote In Diablo 4

Vedant Shanbhag
2 Min Read

The long wait for a new Diablo game is finally coming to an end. After years of development, Diablo 4 is set to release on the 6th of June 2023. The game can also be experienced before its official release through the open beta launched recently. Before the game comes out in June, players can unlock a few special items related to the game. Here is how you can get your hands on the Wings of The Creator Emote in Diablo 4.

How to Unlock the Wings of the Creator Emote in Diablo 4

how to get the wings of the creator emote in diablo 4

Before the official launch of the game, fans can already buy the game via pre-purchasing right now. Following the footsteps of other AAA games, Diablo 4 too has a few special perks attached to pre-ordering the game. They are usually just some special skins or in-game events that you can get exclusive access to, the emote is one of these perks. The Wings of The Creator Emote can only be unlocked by purchasing the Ultimate Edition of the game.

The game can be pre-purchased in three different versions. The Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition. Each of these offers special exclusive perks and items related to the game. Items like the Light Bearer Mount and access to the Open Beta are common between the three versions. The Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions can also give you 4 days of early access to the final game in June. However, the Wings of the Creator Emote is only unlockable on buying the Ultimate Edition. This Emote can then be used in the game when it will come out in June. You can buy the Ultimate Edition for $99.99 from the official website.

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