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V Rising Winged Horror Location & How To Beat Boss

Here is how you can find the location of Winged Horror and the best way to beat him.

V Rising has a ton of bosses in the game that players have to beat. These bosses give valuable V Blood. This helps vampires gain powerful abilities apart from the ability to craft new blueprints. One such boss is the Winged Horror. In this guide, we will help you find the location of the Winged Horror and show you how to beat him in the supernatural game, V Rising.

V Rising Winged Horror Boss Guide


V Rising Winged Horror

Here is how you can fight and defeat the Level 78 monster boss Winged Horror.

Where to Find Winged Horror (Location)


Dread Peak

You will most likely find the Winged Horror in the Dread Peak. Go to the Easternmost part of the Farbane Woods to find this level 78 boss.

Since this boss is so strong, we recommend that you level up your Gear Level to 78 or more as well.


The Winged Horror boss is located outdoors. And so, you should make sure that you plan your attack during the night or at daybreak.

How to Beat the Winged Horror

To defeat the Winged Horror, you will first need to get the Bat Form in V Rising. Then, you will need to get to the top of Dread Peak and come face to face with this gigantic beast.


Now, when you get to the top of the peak, it won’t be hard to spot the beast. These are the attacks that the beast has as well as how to workaround them:

  • The boss will summon two orbs as it charges toward you. Even if you dodge this, he will come at you with a tail swipe that will fire conical ice projections.
  • Another attack that it uses is a hail fire of blazing fire orbs. Make sure to move away before this attack as the Winged Horror will give you some time as he flies. Then he will bombard you with several sets of this attack before he comes down.
  • The Winged Horror also has the ability to use fire breath and a vortex that not only draws nearby targets but also deals magic damage and chill on its opponent.
  • This boss will also deal a spin attack. In this attack, it launches icicles in multiple directions. What’s worse is that these icicles split into two or more pieces. This is one of his strongest attacks and makes it that much more difficult for the player to dodge.

The best way to defeat the Winged Horror is by keeping a safe distance. Keep in mind that you will need to use a long-ranged weapon as well. Consistently dodge the Winged Horror and create opportunities for attack.

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