How to Lure Enemies using Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima

Distract enemies, lure them, and then unleash the monster inside you. One hit kill or the best stealth kill you can ever try.

Ghost of Tsushima is a journey of a warrior, so the danger is your next best friend. At many places, you will not be in a position to pull your sword and attack. You have to go slow, distract enemies, or stagger them before whistling the war cry. So here how you can lure enemies using Distraction Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to kill enemies by using Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima

Wind Chimes are incredibly used items in Ghost of Tsushima. During the stealth approach Wind Chimes will play big roles to distract enemies away. You can then disperse multiple and attack one at a time. Save HP and it makes things less challenging.

To unlock Wind Chimes in Ghost of Tsushima go to the Technique from the game Menu. Look for Wind Chimes, it will remain locked at the start. But as you play an hour or two you will find the option to using Wind Chimes. New items will keep on unlocking as you progress with new missions.

To use Wind Chimes first equip the item and then hold L2 and select Throw. Choose Wind Chime and then use the analog stick to adjust the throw direction. You can throw it far or near depending where you want to lure the enemy.

So first grab the item and then set your direction, you will see a white line that project where exactly it will land. You can do this to distract the guards on the gates, multiple enemies in a group, etc. It is very important to throw it far from your location if you want to avoid trouble. After throwing it will make a sound that will lure enemies towards it. You can stay back or takedown enemies who are alone.

A slow but simple way to kill enemies in stealth mode. You can find Wind Chimes in enemy camps in Ghost of Tsushima. Also, look at the trader’s inventory. To enhance the performance of this lure you can convert this into a Firecracker by upgrading it. Firecracker will make louder noise and distract enemies faster.

So this is how you can use Lure to distract enemies in Ghost of Tsushima and plan your attacks. An upgrade amplifies its output by increasing the sound volume that can confuse enemies. You can maintain your stealth and kill them one by one. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on Ghost of Tsushima.