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How To Win Auctions In Porto Marinada: Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Here's a detailed guide on how to win auctions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a wide range of items for you. You can use them to boost your Pokemon’s stats, make Sandwiches, or even evolve them. These items are scattered across Paldea in shops or the open. However, there is one more place where you can get your hands on these items. The Auction mechanic is a recent addition to the Pokemon series where you can bid to get rare items. It is located in Porto Marinada and unlocks after beating Cascarrafa Gym Leader Kofu. This article will tell you how to win Auctions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


How to Win Auctions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

I'll pass for now option in Auctions at Porto Marinada

The auctions in this game work similarly to the ones in real life. You can head to any shop and they will display the item up for sale. Once you interact with them, the process will start where you will bid against other NPCs. The one with the highest bid wins the item. In Scarlet and Violet, you can make use of the bid options to win the auctions. Here are simple steps to win them.

  • When you start the bidding, you will be presented with four options. The first two will be the amount to increase, then “I’ll pass for now”, and finally “I withdraw”.
  • Start the bid by choosing the “Pass for now” option and do it again on the next turn.
  • Then start by increasing by the lowest amount till the other NPCs back out.

Using this method, you can get rid of one NPC early in the auction. However, it doesn’t always work and you might have to overbid on an item. In that case, we recommend saving the game before every auction. That way if you overpay for an item or lose it to another NPC, you can just restart the game from the last save. You can get different types of Pokeball, Evolution Stones, or special items like the Rotom Catalogue. These items change every 24 hours so make sure you visit the Auction House every day.


That’s everything on how to win Auctions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more helpful guides like How to get Covert Cloak, visit our SV section soon.