Rage 2: Where to find Wimothy Tillits (Rage 2 Developer) in the Game

What is Rage 2 Devevloper doing in the Wasteland

Timothy Willits is one of the primary developers behind the Rage series and if you have looked closer in Rage 2 you might have seen his in-game persona Wimothy Tillits. This guide will help you find the location of this easter egg in Rage 2.

Where to find Wimothy Tillits in Rage 2 Easter Egg

The game is scattered with references and callbacks to many things and this, in turn, makes this bonkers of a game in more fun than you can imagine. Timothy Willits has been a powerhouse while developing both these games and it is nice to know the team behind the game recognizes his efforts and have added an NPC of him inside the game as a joke.

Rage 2 Tim Willits Easter Egg

To find Wimothy Tillits you will have to travel to Wellspring which you can locate in the center of the map. As you enter, turn right and you will find Wimothy Tillits going crazy on a toilet. He will most probably be surrounded by rats all around him.

Another reference to him is that his name can be found on products and microwave stroganoff wrappers which you can find in Klegg’s office.

Rage 2 Tim Willits Easter Egg

All you need to do is pay attention to the crazy ones and you never know whom you might recognize next in the game. Make sure you check out our other Rage 2 guides as well.

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