Will There Be A Devil May Cry 6? – Rumors, Speculations & More

Here is everything you need to know about Devil may Cry 6 and whether it will happen or not.

Ever since the much-anticipated release of DMC 5 back in March 2019, fans around the world have long expected the return iconic demon hunter in the series’ next installment. Devil May Cry 6 might just be on Capcom’s list of upcoming games, however, they might now have too much on their plate. And although this doesn’t thwart any plans for the sixth installment of the series, it just means that fans will have to wait much longer than expected.

Before going any further, there might be some minor spoilers ahead and if you haven’t completed the previous installments in the series this might be the time to go back. There are a lot of things that the game can improve on from its previous installment. And if you are wondering where the next installment in the series might end up then, here is everything you need to know about Devil May Cry 6.

Will Devil May Cry 6 Happen?

Will Devil May Cry 6 Happen?

It’s hard to pinpoint an answer since Capcom has not yet made any announcements for the future of the series and the release of Devil May Cry 6. And since the studio has some big releases planned for the next two years, it can be hard to figure out the exact release date for the game. Considering everything it might not be releasing any time soon.

Hideaki Itsuno, the director behind the hack and slash series has been busy with his upcoming projects and with the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2. With it slated to release in March 2024, one can expect the director to be well-engrossed in it for the next 6 months. Capcom itself will be under pressure with its next big release of Resident Evil 9 slated for 2025.

Another important thing to mention is that the upcoming installment in the Devil May Cry series can very well be a remake according to some rumors. Since Capcom has been delivering remakes of their Resident Evil series for a long time now, players can expect the studio to revamp one of the DMC storylines and provide players with a new remake. Considering their approach, even remaking a Devil May Cry game might not sound like a bad idea for many fans.

However, since towards the end of DMC 5, we see Dante and Vergil setting aside their feud and handing over the reins of humanity to Nero, there are a lot of plotlines for an upcoming sequel to explore. Not to mention, both the Sparda twins are well alive and at each other’s throats at the end of the last storyline.

Devil May Cry 6 can follow the footsteps of Nero replacing Dante as the new demon hunter in town. This might make things a little bit fresh for the players with a new story and perspective. Capcom can play along with the storylines and pit Nero to finally end the feud between the brothers.

With that being said, if you are looking for Devil May Cry 6, it seems like you will have to wait for quite some time for an official announcement from Capcom.

And since DMC 5 was released almost 10 years later from its previous installment with an overhauled gameplay and drastic change to the storyline, one can only speculate the upcoming game to be much bigger. However, as mentioned before, for now, you will have to stay tuned for all the further updates.

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