Will Seeds of Gluttony Locations In Kaneshiro’s Palace Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal improved upon the near-perfect JRPG developed by Atlus, and though most of the things remain the same there is a new element in the palaces called Will Seeds. Once you get your hands on these seeds you can you can get a brand-new item that you can then further upgrade when you meet Jose in the Mementos.

Persona 5 Royal is all about making connections and maintaining them while going through the inner darkness of your enemies. This guide will show you all three Will Seeds of Gluttony and how to get the Crystal of Gluttony in Persona 5 Royal.

Will Seeds of Gluttony Locations In Persona 5 Royal

How To Find The Red Will Seed Of Gluttony

The Red Seed of Gluttony is probably the easiest to find, but you also need to know where exactly to look at, Persona 5 Royal’s Palaces are a labyrinth of layers of puzzles and traps and it is easy to get lost here.

To find the Red Seed of Gluttony you will have to get to the room with the giant vault door, once here go to your right and look around for a grapple point. This will take you up to the second floor. On that second floor, you can find the sealed room which has the Red Will Seed of Gluttony.

How To Find The Green Will Seed of Gluttony

Kaneshiro’s Palace can be very confusing at times and you will often lose your way, and the same goes when it comes to finding the Green Will Seed of Gluttony. To get this you will need to find the Laundering Office, and once here you will need to look for an open duct. You will find it near the door and to its right.

Go through the duct and it will take you to a room filled with tons of money. Once here all you have to do is find the grapple point and use them. You will also find a lot of chests that will reward you handsomely for your efforts.

Keep grappling until you reach a sealed room. Inside this, you will find the Greed Will Seed of Gluttony.

How To Find The Blue Seed of Gluttony

The Blue Seed of Gluttony can be staring in your face and you still might be able to not see it, the location is so carefully disguised that it is not difficult to spot it.

All you have to do is reach the end of the giant lock room, once here, find a way to move the walls of the room, this will lead you towards the treasure, you can find this area on your map.

You will need to unlock the final lock which opens the sidewall and closes the treasure, once the sidewall is open, go down the new hallway and here you will find a guard.

The guard is powerful enough, so it is advised that you are well prepared for the fight. Once you defeat the guard, go to inside the sealed room and you will find the Blue Will Seed of Gluttony.

Crystal of Gluttony

Once you find all the three seeds of Gluttony, you will get the Crystal of Gluttony, this crystal will offer you a defensive bonus to the member that has equipped it. Find Jose in the Memento and he will upgrade it to the Ring of Gluttony.

This ring will offer the user an additional spell which will also increase the defense of all allies.

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