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Why Did Splitgate Blow Up In Popularity?

Find out why Splitgate is so popular now.

Splitgate early access initially came out back in May 2019. But now the game shot up in popularity and everyone is talking about it and playing it all over the gaming community. Today we will look into what’s so special about this game, why is the Splitgate so popular again, and blow up to become one of the most played games out there. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Why is Splitgate so Popular again?

There are tons of reasons but here are major reasons what makes Splitgate so popular now:

  • Portals in Sci-fi Universe
  • The Game Is Free to Play
  • Available on Multiple Platforms with Crossplay
  • Splitgate’s Fluid Animation & Combat System

how many people are playing splitgate

Portals in Sci-fi Universe

So Splitgate is the combination of the two most loved gaming franchises in the gaming community, the Halo series & the Portal series. There are very few who have not either played or even heard about Portals. Being able to create these magical portals to enter and exit from Portal Walls on a map is really amazing and game-changing. The original Portal video game series focused on puzzle-solving, but taking that idea and turning into a shooter was imagined by many players, which Splitgate made true. And the devs being avid Halo players is just a cherry on the top. You almost feel like you are in an arena set in the Halo universe with all the sci-fi guns and techs.

The Game Is Free to Play

Free-to-play games are a new trend for the last few years. Games like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends have already shown that the free-to-play model can be a hit. But Splitgate being a game with game mechanics that of a AAA title being free is just mind-blowing. Although there are in-game purchases for skins and microtransactions, they are entirely voluntary & up to you to get them. You can play the entire game forever without paying any money.

Available on Multiple Platforms with Crossplay

Splitgate is available on multiple platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. What’s better is that Splitgate comes with cross-platform support. This means no matter which platform your friends are on, you all can play together anytime you want. Very few games can be proud of such an amazing capability. This is one of the main factors why Splitgate is so popular now.

Splitgate’s Fluid Animation & Combat System

Considering Splitgate rivals the quality of full-paid games like COD Cold War, there are a few things you can complain about the game. Even the main highlight of the game, Portals were fully polished even early in the beta stage. Furthur modifications to animations and effects were implemented by the time of the full release of the game. The combat system, and the physics of Portal, mixed with the fluid animation give Splitgate the potential to become one of the best games of the age. In Splitgate you can create portals to open up new pathways to access the map in ways that were never possible in a shooter game before.

How Many People Are Playing Splitgate?

Once Splitgate was released on consoles for free, the max player base of the game skyrocketed. The current peak of total Splitgate players count just in steam is 67,724. This is a whopping 608.44% increase from the previous player base. Apart from this, there are almost a hundred thousand players in booth PS & Xbox platforms. These numbers are expected to grow much more once more players are introduced to games by their friends.

That’s everything about why Splitgate is popular again. While you are here, make sure to check out our Splitgate Guides.