Why Is Lost Ark Popular In 2022?

Here is a guide that explains Why Lost Ark, an MMOARPG from Smilegate, got so popular.

Lost Ark is a popular Korean fantasy MMOARPG, made by Smilegate, that had its Western Launch on February 11, 2022. The Community is very hyped about this. But what makes Lost Ark so popular? As of 15th Feb 2022, it was the most played game on Steam with over a million players. Why is that so? Well, my friends, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you Why Lost Ark is so Popular.

Why is Lost Ark so Popular?

popular visuals in lost ark

There are a plethora of reasons why Lost Ark is so popular. It has some astounding visuals & graphics, a compelling Story, player progression, & so much more. Here is what Lost Ark has to offer.

Graphics & Visuals

Lost Ark is made on Unreal Engine 3. So, you can expect the game to have stunning looks and it delivers on that expectation. The game captures a lot of details right from the generated world to the foliage that covers it, from the beauty of town & nature to the nasty evil that threatens it. With all of these details, it makes it easy to get immersed into the game which makes it appealing to a lot of players. And if a lot of players want to play Lost Ark, it becomes more popular.

Main Story of Lost Ark

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The Story of Lost Ark goes like this, a Demonic Power was threatening the World of Arkesia. There are 7 massive Talisments of Power, known as Arks, that when brought together can rid the World of this Demonic Power. Centuries later, the same Demonic Powers are attacking the World of Arkesia and it is your job to find these Arks. As you progress through the Main Story, you will be exploring every corner of the World. This consists of exploring all of the Continents & countless Islands.

Along the way, you can make new friends, upgrade your gear, and so much more. Story & Map exploration is always sought after by players. So Lost Ark, having a massive world made it so popular. Along with this, you can play as one of 15 Subclasses in the game. Each of these is unique and has different play styles. You can play as a Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Gunner, or Assassin.

Amount of Things you can Do

Like I have mentioned above, Story & exploration is not the only thing you can do. There are things like World Boss Raids, Dungeon Raids, Side Quests, PvE battles, PvP battles, etc. There is so much content in Lost Ark that you may get lost (pun intended). Smilegate has made the game pretty balanced in terms of Solo and Team-based gameplay and top of that, a whole bunch of stuff to do. There is always something new to do and if not then you can do the daily routine of Resource gathering. Aside from these, there are Daily & Weekly events that reward players with limited edition Gear, Cosmetics, etc. Just when you think you have completed the game, something new will pop up. There are certain Life Skills like Hunting, Fishing, Mining, etc that the players can enjoy if fighting Monsters get boring, it never does.

Why is it so Popular?

Like I have explained above, Lost Ark has a lot of stuff that can keep the player base engaged. Along with that, it has stunning visuals with a Storyline that attracts the players. These are not the only things that Lost Ark will have. The Devs are planning to release the game globally, one region at a time. Along with that, new content, more story progression, and other such stuff will be added. Smilegate is very close to their player base and even listens to them. Not many game Devs do this and those who do have become very successful. The highest player count Lost Ark had on Steam was 1,098,921, and this number is going to rise. Lost Ark has become that RPG that everybody was looking for and hence became very popular.

This was all about why Lost Ark became so popular. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Lost Ark Alts Guide.