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NVIDIA Explains Why High FPS Matter for Competitive Gaming

60, 144, and 240 FPS/Hz affect gameplay test of CS:GO

NVIDIA presents the second detailed study in our ongoing efforts to understand how graphics performance affects competitive gaming and esports in a new study titled “Why Does High FPS Matter for Competitive Gaming?

In the first study, titled “Unlock Your Full Potential – How Higher Frame Rates Can Give You An Edge In Battle Royale Games” NVIDIA product manager Gerardo Delgado outlined how having the right hardware, a fast GPU and a high refresh rate G-SYNC monitor can help you reach your full potential on the battlefield by enabling faster reaction times.


When playing competitive games like Fortnite, CS:GO, or PUBG, players often measure their skills based on their Kill/Death ratio (K/D ratio). A higher K/D ratio means that the player wins their battles a higher percentage of the time – securing the victory.

Digging deeper into discoveries from the first study, NVIDIA vice president of technical marketing Tony Tamasi shows a correlation between high FPS and better K/D Ratios. He discusses in detail why frame per second (FPS) well above 60 has clear benefits for playing your best, including:


  • Smoother animations to help you track targets easier
  • Smaller ghosts and tears to help reduce distracting effects
  • Lower system latency to help you see targets earlier

With the high FPS achieved with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU and high refresh rate of a 240 Hz monitor, readers can see how these benefits provide an edge in competitive games!