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Why GTA Online Is A Nightmare For Newcomers

Early on, you will be hard-pressed for things and this will surely hamper your experience.

GTA V is closing in on 7 years since its release and while a lot can be said about the community, it is a very vocal and dangerous place if you are just getting into the game. GTA Online is an unforgiving experience, but there is a bright light at the end for those who stick around.

Like most games, GTA Online has a level progression system and as you climb up this ladder you unlock new weapons and things that you can use in the game. Early on, you will be hard-pressed for things and this will surely hamper your experience.

Why it’s so tough if you are new?

One of the biggest drawbacks about GTA Online is the fact that there aren’t ranked missions for players of equal skills and abilities to play together, this means that if you are new there is a huge chance of you being matched up against some of the veteran players in the game.

Each mistake will surely get you an earful of abuses at the least and this is just the beginning of it. Teammates will often hound you with expletives and abuses taunting your every move.

Now, it’s not easy for everyone to excel in this environment but if you really want to exceed your own expectations and get better at this amazing open-world adventure, you will need to tune out of the abuses and just get to completing the objectives.

Now, this experience will overwhelm everyone who first joins in but if you keep grinding at the game, day in and out, you will start taking cues from the hundreds of players that you play with. Each player brings something new to the game.

Each weapon is suited for a different situation, the heist missions are some of the best team building experiments that you can take, with each member taking on specific responsibilities to ensure a successful heist.

Along with this, Rockstar Games has created a perfect environment for people to play regularly and become friends but there are still major issues when someone new joins into the game. The shift from GTA V to GTA Online is so huge and the skill level required to even survive in the various game modes can really discourage new players to get in.

While a ranked system might help solve this issue, it will take away the absolute carnage and ruthlessness brand that GTA Online has built upon. While there is no GTA VI in sight, it looks like GTA Online is going to stay with us for a while and though Rockstar devs are looking at the capabilities of bringing next-generation capabilities across all devices it feels like GTA Online will evolve into the new game.

So, in conclusion, the only option there is for new players getting into GTA Online is to quickly learn the ropes of the game because this is soon becoming a franchise that is going to be so gigantic that it will truly be too late if you don’t get the basics right.