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Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates: Who Can You Marry?

Here are all of the Candidates you can Marry in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 is a role-playing simulation game. As such, you will be tasked to complete a lot of quests. Some of these quests can be unlocked by being friendlier to the NPCs in the game. As you get closer to the NPCs, you can begin to have romantic bonds and eventually Marry them. But the question arises of who can you Marry? So in this guide, I will show you all of the Candidates who you can Marry in Rune Factory 5.

Who Can You Marry In Rune Factory 5?


all marriage candidates in rune factory 5

In Rune Factory 5, there are a total of 12 NPCs that you can Marry. You will be able to Marry the Marriage Candidates once you have a strong enough bond with them. You can do this by talking to them and completing Tasks & quests offered by them or with them. One way is by providing Gifts, you will have to give them Items that they like. This will be revealed to you in the conversations you will have with them. The 12 NPCs who you can Marry are:

All Marriage Candidates in the Game


  • Beatrice
  • Cecil
  • Fuuka
  • Lucas
  • Lucy
  • Ludmila
  • Martin
  • Murakumo
  • Pricilla
  • Reinhard
  • Ryker
  • Scarlett

You will be able to Marry any one of these Marriage Candidates. Same-Sex Marriage is allowed in this game so you have the freedom to choose any one of the 12. To Marry them, you will need to reach Level 10 of Friendship. You will be able to get there once you get to a Friendship Level of 7. After which you will have to start a Romantic Relationship with them and then you will be able to propose after three Dates. To get to Friendship Level 7, you will, again, have to talk to them, give them Gifts, & complete quests given by them or that involve them.

This was all about who you can Marry in Rune Factory 5. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides like How To Capture Wanted Monsters in Rune Factory 5.