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Rune Factory 5 – How To Capture Wanted Monsters

Here's our guide on how to capture wanted monsters in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 is the recent addition of farm simulation and role-playing games by Marvellous. It’s a successor to Rune factory 4 which was released in 2012. Like the previous installments, RF 5 has added different monsters to farm and tame in the game. The developers have introduced a new gameplay element of wanted monsters. These monsters have a bounty on their heads and it is up to you to catch them. But you need to identify and track them before you capture them. So, here’s our guide on how to capture wanted monsters in Rune Factory 5.

How to Capture Wanted Monsters in Rune Factory 5?


  • Head over to Livia located near Rigbarth’s Outpost.
  • Upon interacting with her, select the option “I wanted to check the wanted monsters list“.

rune factory 5 capture wanted monsters

  • Then, you will have to select the monster and track it.
  • You can identify them with a glowing red circle over their heads.
  • These monsters have a maximum level of 5.
  • Once you have spotted them, fight them and deplete their health bar.
  • As their health lowers down to almost zero, use a Seal spell. You can get this spell from Livia.


capture wanted monsters rf5
Image Source – LinkSnipes on Youtube.
  • The spell won’t work on the wanted monsters if their health bars are full.
  • You need to use the Seal spell when their health bar has lowered down.
  • Press and hold the ZL button to charge the spell.  Release the button when it is completely charged to capture the monster.

All Wanted Monsters in RF 5


Most of these monsters are located in Phoros Woodlands. These are contract-based quests that are assigned by Livia. There are up to 18 monsters in total. Mentioned below are all the wanted monsters and their rewards in Rune Factory 5:

  • Slime (Level 1)
    • Reward: x1 Weapon bread.
  • Fairy (Level 1)
    • Reward: x1 Farming bread.
  • Goblin Archer (Level 1)
    • Reward: x1 Cooking bread.
  • Big Muck (Level 2)
    • Reward: x1 Cooking bread.
  • Chipsqueek (Level 2)
    • Reward: x1 Chemistry bread.
  • Ignis (Level 2)
    • Reward: x1 Crafting bread.
  • Garmr (Level 3)
    • Reward: x2 Weapon bread.
  • Emperor Penguin (Level 3)
    • Reward: x2 Cooking bread.
  • Silver Wolf (Level 3)
    • Reward: x2 Crafting bread.
  • Mamadoodle (Level 4)
    • Reward: x1 Protein.
  • Blood Panther (Level 4)
    • Reward: x1 Heart drinker.
  • Malm Tiger (Level 4)
    • Reward: x1 Intelligencer.
  • Hell Ghost (Level 5)
    • Reward: x1 Gust.
  • Guardian (Level 5)
    • Reward: x1 Millionstrike.
  • Elementalist (Level 5)
    • Reward: x1 Straight punch.
  • Little Dragon (Level 5)
    • Reward: Penguin down.
  • Ice Griffin (Level 5)
    • Reward: x1 Rigid horn.
  • Mermaid (Level 5)
    • Reward: x1 Blue core.

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