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Where To Find The Spray Cans In Fortnite

Spray Can Location in Fortnite

Vandalism seems to be a key element in Fortnite Season X as a lot of challenges are being designed towards vandalizing things, this challenge requires you to find five spray cans for the Spray and Pray mission. This guide will show you where to find the spray cans in Fortnite.

Where to find the spray cans in Fortnite


There are a bunch of places where you can quickly get your hands on cans of spray cans, we have listed a few for you so make sure that you check these places out.

Paradise Palms

You will just have to travel southeastwards from Paradise Palms until you locate a cactus beside a tree. It is here that you will find a spray can.


Junk Junction

Junk Junction has a ton of things around and luckily a spray can is one of those things, to find it simply go north of Junk Junction till you find it.



Just about where the lava of the volcano is about to end, check out the large pillar that is right in the middle, you should be able to see a cave. Simply enter it and you will find the spray can.

Happy Hamlet

You will need to find the disco near Happy Hamlet, once there just find a tent and the spray can be beside it.


Viking Village

If you are at the Viking Village, start going south across the frozen waterfall and you will find the spray can near a tree.

The Block

Get to The Block and start looking for an umbrella, you should find the spray can beside it.

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