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How To Complete Fortnite Spray And Pray Challenges

All 14 Challenges Location

Fortnite Spray & Pray Missions is live and in this mission, you have to complete fourteen challenges. These challenges consist of a different task that includes spraying a fountain, junkyard crane, vending machine, gas stations, etc. In Fortnite Spray & Pray Challenges Mission, you will also have to find lost Spraycans and many more things. In this Fortnite Tips and Tricks guide, you will find locations of all items and how to complete Fortnite Spray & Pray challenges to unlock special rewards.

Fortnite Spray And Pray Regular Challenges


Below are all fourteen challenges and how to complete them, with this you can also read on the rewards you will earn by completing them.

Challenge 1 – Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

You have to cause 500 damage with SMG on opponents, simply land into the place of your choice and get an SMG. Takedown the opponents and once you had done 500 damage you had completed on the challenges of Spray And Pray Missions.


Challenge 2 – Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine

  1. Fountain Location: Pick any spray from your locker first, and head to the mega-mall to spray on Fountain. There is one in the center of Mega Mall. There is another fountain located in Okyt’s Block.
  2. Junkyard Crane Location: Go to this place and spray on the crane to complete, a Junkyard Crane challenge. There are two one at the entrance and second is inside.
  3. Vending Machine Location: At the same place near the house walls you will find Vending Machine, spray on it to complete the Spray a Vending Machine challenge. For more vending machine scan the roads near Okyt’s Block.

Challenge 3 – Spray on 3 Different Gas Station


You can find Gas Station in many locations, check Pleasant Park, and then head south follow the roads to get another Gas Station. A third one is near the football stadium further south of Pleasant Park. If you are somewhere near Tilted Town then head towards Salty Springs for a gas station. If you are in the desert region, towards the North East of Lucky Landing in the desert area, near the lake there is another gas station. There is one more in Paradise Palm.

Challenge 4 – Find 5 Lost Spraycans

Fortnite Spray And Pray Challenges Giode


The above map will help you to get locations of all 5 lost spray cans. Depending on the marked location refer the below tips to find them easily. Always look for a spray-on wall, it indicates there is a spray can nearby.

  1. South-East of The Block – Look for a broken ground with a deep gap, go inside and look on the right near the wooden barrels.
  2. South-West of Pressure Plant – Follow the Lava lake and go to the end, look below the pillar where the lake ends.
  3. South of Snobby Shores – A little south of Snobby Shores, there is a frozen waterfall, go to the bottom and you will spot the spray token, turn around and look at near the tree, inside the frozen water.
  4. Shifty-Shafts – There is one can inside the mine, you have to break a wooden wall and grab the can inside.
  5. North-east of Happy Hamlet – Go to the dance club and look for a container outside, search around for a tent, the spray can is near the tent on the ground.
  6. South-east of Paradise Palm – Look outside the junkyard under a tree.
  7. Junk Junction – To the east of Junk Junction near the mountains, look for the spray token and scan near the trash.

Challenge 5 – Deal 3000 Damage using Minigun

A pretty explanatory challenge, you have to get the Minigun and deal 3000 damage to opponents, similar to the first challenge, just get the Minigun and cause the damage to complete the challenge.

Challenge 6 – Get 3 Kills with SMG within 15m

Another challenge where you have to pick an SMG gun and take down opponents in the range of 15m radius. Find a good spot to take cover and lure opponents towards you, this challenge can take some time but it is possible.

Challenge 7 – Search Seven Chest at Tilted

There are around five chests in the main building, others are around, it is not that hard to find you have to locate a little around and there are chances you might spot a lot of people here so be alert. Keep checking all the corners and rooms, the big building will give you enough number of the chest, a few will be around the region.

Fortnite Spray And Pray Prestige Challenges

Challenge 8 – Eliminate with SMG in a single match

To complete this challenge you have to take down two opponents in a single match. The challenge is easy, you just have to wait for an opponent, so go into Team Rumble and complete this challenge instantly.

Challenge 9 – Locate Five Chests inside containers with windows

  • Chest 1 – On the northwest of a comet in the sky, there is a factory region. One of the containers is the open region on the little northwest side.
  • Chest 2 – The second one is in the factory region in Dusty Depot, look inside the building with a blue car in a garage, the container is placed near the window.
  • Chest 3 – Look on the island on the south of Pressure Plant.
  • Chest 4 – Look on the island on the south of Pressure Plant.
  • Chest 5 – Scan the region on the North-east of Happy Hamlet, look around the icy area and you will find the last container. There is one more in the same region, look for a building similar to one where you found Chest 2.

Challenge 10 – Spray on Car & Trucks on Six Different Locations

This one is time-consuming but not tough, all you need is to visit six different locations and spray on cars and trucks in each of them. The challenge will require you to travel a lot, so try to visit all the nearby areas and almost every location will have Cars and Trucks in them.

Challenge 11 – Visit 2 Graffiti covered billboards in a single match

Fortnite Spray And Pray Challenges Guide

You have to locate two Graffiti covered billboards in one single match to complete this challenge. To save your time I am giving you a map screenshot of two regions on is Shifty Shafts and second south-west of Salty Springs. Visit this marked location and complete the challenge.

Challenge 12 – Deal 500 Damage with Mini-gun

The challenge is simple, take down opponents with mini-gun and cause 500 damage to them. It is self-explanatory so you have to just pick up the gun and start shooting.

Challenge 13 – Kill opponents using SMG in a radius of 5m

The challenge requires you to stay closer to enemies, you have to kill 5 enemies using an SMG in the radius of 5 meters. It will be close range right.

Challenge 14 – Kill opponents with the Tilted Teknique Outfit

You have to kill five enemies using Tilted Teknique Outfit, to unlock this outfit you have to reach Battle Pass Tier 23.

Fortnite Spray And Pray Prestige Challenges Rewards

  • 1 Challenge – 10 Battle Stars
  • 2 Challenge – 10 Battle Stars
  • 3 Challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • 4 Challenges – 5000 XP
  • 5 Challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • 6 Challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • 7 Challenges – Paint Pack Back Bling
  • 8 Challenges – 1000 XP
  • 9 Challenges – 1000 XP
  • 10 Challenges – 1000 XP
  • 11 Challenges – Teknique Emoticon
  • 12 Challenges – 1000 XP
  • 13 Challenges – 1000 XP
  • 14 Challenges – Tilted Teknique (Streetstyle)

So these are all fourteen challenges you have to complete to unlock Fortnite Spray And Pray mission special rewards. Happy fortniting!