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Where To Find The Range Map In Valorant

Vorant is the new epic game that has swept up the internet, but before you can join in on the fun you should learn the ropes of the game. You can do this at the range map in Valorant. If you would like to learn more about the Range map in Valorant, read until the end of the guide.

What Is The Range Map In Valorant


Valorant is a chaotic experience and often you won’t find enough time to practice with all the guns and abilities in the matches. The matches are difficult and early on it is too much to handle at times.

The Range is a practice area on the map where players can test their skills. This is an unranked map and you can even perform parkour trial events here.

Make sure that you select the agent that you would like to explore, once you have the said agent in mind. Simply take the agent to the Range and test out its abilities and how you can use them during matches.


Each player has a different style so make sure that you check out all the agents that are available to you and also learn how to unlock new agents in Valorant.

Now, as much as offensive strategies work in Valorant you will also require to be quick on your feet, and the Range provides a neat little trial course that you can test out your skills of hopping from one ledge to another.

When you are at the Range to test out your parkour skills, make sure to pay attention to the symbols in the course.


Hand signs mean that you have to walk around the corners and footprints lead the way you are supposed to go.

Movement is incredibly important in Valorant and you will need to be on the move as you will either be rushing to defuse the spike or plant it.

Make sure that you learn the basics of the game, as it won’t take much time but it is fairly important. Once you have all these things nailed down you can take these skills to the game and dominate the battlefield.


This is all there is to know about the Range in Valorant. Make sure to check out other news, reviews, guides, and features only on GamerTweak.