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Elden Ring: Where Is Irina & Can You Save Her?

Here is where you can find Irina in Elden Ring.

Irina is one of the many NPCs that you can find in Elden Ring. She is a girl who is worried about her father, and upon talking to her she will request you to give him her letter. But the mystery around her is, there is another NPC known as Hyetta who looks exactly like Irina. So in this guide check out where you can find Irina, her questline and if you can save her.


Where to Find Irina in Elden Ring?

where is irina in elden ring

You can find Irina south of the Bridge of Sacrifice.

  1. Fast travel to the Bridge of Sacrifice site of grace.
  2. Follow the main road and go southeast.
  3. Eventually, you will see a blindfolded woman in a pink dress sitting on a Rock. She is Irina.
  4. Interact with her to start her questline.

It is fairly simple request, she will just ask you to deliver a letter to her father at Castle Morne. So, here is everything you should know about her questline. But before checking it out, there are Spoilers ahead for what happens to her, so if you want to try her quest on your own you should check the below section later.


Can you Save Irina in Elden Ring?

elden ring where to find irina

No, you cannot save Irina in Elden Ring. This is a sad conclusion because no matter what you do she will eventually die.

  • Progressing the questline normally: As per the normal progression, you will first give the letter that she gave to her father. He will then tell you that he has to guard the Grafted Blade Greatsword against being stolen by the Misbegotten. To progress this questline here is what you have to do:
    1. Find Leonine Misbegotten and kill it to get the Grafted Blade Greatsword. You can find it on the southwestern shores of Castle Morne.
    2. After getting the sword go back and talk to Edgar (Irina’s father). He will then thank you and say that he is finally free from his duty.
    3. Now go back to the Bridge of Sacrifice and go to Irina’s location. Upon checking back on Irina you will find her dead and her father next to her. He vows on taking revenge on all the “foul wretches” and hunt them down.
    4. Lastly, you have to defeat Edgar the Revenger (invader spirit) in Revenger’s Shack to complete the quest line.
  • Killing her father: In case you try killing her father, in an attempt to go back with the sad news to save her. Then sadly even that won’t work. Because her first interaction will be the same where she gives you the letter. But the next time you check up on her after using the site of grace you will find her dead.

Speaking of Hyetta many assume that she is a character that takes up Irina’s body. While the two look exactly the same, there is a catch. And that thing is you can still find Irina’s body outside Bridge of Sacrifice even after you start Hyetta’s quest.

That covers this guide on where to find Irina in Elden Ring, her questline, and if you can save her. For more help on other such questlines and their outcomes be sure to check out our Elden Ring section.