Elden Ring Hyetta Quest Guide – How To Complete?

Read this guide to learn how to complete Hyetta's quest in Elden Ring.

Hyetta is one of many NPC’s you will come across in Elden Ring, and completing her quest allows you to acquire some pretty exciting rewards. When compared to other quests in the game, Hyetta’s quest is relatively simple and easier to complete. However, if you are new to the game and do not know much about this quest, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to know about Hyetta’s quest, as well as how to complete it.

How to Complete Hyetta’s Quest in Elden Ring?

In order to begin and complete Hyetta’s Quest in Elden Ring, we recommend you first begin Irina’s Questline. This is important, as Hyetta’s quest requires a letter that you receive from Irina.

Once you meet these requirements, you need to head to the Lake-Facing Cliffs to meet Hyetta. Once here, Hyetta will ask you if you have any Shabriri Grapes to give her. That’s basically what this quest is all about. For the most part of the time, you need to look for Shabriri Grapes to give Hyetta.

First Grape Location for Hyetta Quest in Elden Ring

To find the first grape in Hyetta’s quest, you need to go to Stormveil Castle. Once here, head down a ladder and look for a tiny doorway. You will find the first grape from this quest at this location.

Take the grape and visit Hyetta. Upon giving her the grape, you will be given the “As you Wish” gesture. You can now simply rest at a Site of Grace before you meet Hyetta at her next location.

You now need to move to the Purified Ruins to locate Hyetta. Head east from the Laskyar Ruins to get to Hyetta’s location.

Second Grape Location

Thankfully, you will find the second grape for this quest quite close to Hyetta’s location. Once in Purified Ruins, look for a cellar blocked by a wooden floor. Apart from the said floor, you will also find a few enemies around the concerned area. Kill the enemies and break the floor to get into this cellar.

As you enter, you will find a corpse to your left. Look for the grape on this corpse. Additionally, you can also loot a chest located nearby to get your hands on the Two Fingers Heirloom.

Once you find the grape, take it back to Hyetta. She will now go to the Site of Grace at the Gate Town Bridge. This is where you will meet her next.

Third Grape Location

To acquire the third grape in the Elden Ring Hyetta quest, you need to kill Edgar, Irina’s father.

To kill this enemy, you need to head to the Site of Grace at Revenger’s Shack. Doing so will cause Edgar to invade you. Once he does, fight and defeat him. Upon succumbing to defeat, Edgar will drop a Shabriri Grape.

As usual, take this grape and head back to Hyetta. Upon offering her the grape, Hyetta will question what they are. In reply, you need to say the truth.

After this conversation, Hyetta will head to the Site of Grace at Bellum Church, near the Raya Lucaria Academy. Breaking away from the usual request for a Shabriri Grape, this time Hyetta will request a Fingerprint Grape.

Fingerprint Grape Location – How to Get?


To get the Fingerprint Grape, you need to first kill an Invader at the Church of Inhibition. Head south from Grand Lift od Dectus and move towards the church located atop a cliff. Upon making your way to the Church of Inhibition, you will come face-to-face with Festering Fingerprint Vyke. You will need to fight with and defeat Vyke to acquire the Fingerprint Grape.

Once you get the grape, head back to Hyetta and give it to her at Bellum Church.

Final Phase of Hyetta’s Quest – Frenzied Flame Seal

For the final phase of this Elden Ring quest, you will need to go to the Site of Grace at Frenzied Flame Proscription. You will meet Hyetta here, and after exhausting all her dialogues, you will need to walk through the door. Before you proceed, though, we need to warn you. Doing so will trigger one of Elden Ring’s endings.

After triggering the ending, go back to the Frenzied Flame Proscription and touch Hyetta. After a brief conversation with her, you will be awarded the Frenzied Flame Seal, effectively bringing an end to Hyetta’s quest.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about Hyetta’s Quest in Elden Ring. As you can see, completing this quest is not too difficult, as long as you follow all of the steps in this guide. To make things even easier, here’s a link to our Elden Ring White-Faced Varre GuideAs you will learn from this guide, both quests seem to share a few similarities.